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Prego Ladies can apply here! Octomom Nadya Suleman Calls the Show We received an unexpected call from the Octomom after the show last week, here’s how it went… Fresno RoofA car thief crashes a car, and it ends up on the roof of a house.Facebook CardGet your very own facebook card at Moo.Com.Houston Lady Panthers Lingerie Football TryoutsLady Panthers Sugar and Spice tryouts are Tomorrow! Get all the details
Washington High School who makes announcements during school dances where he starts off his announcements by quoting “Attention teachers and students.” Principal Frye refers to the students as “Jive Time Turkeys.” Other character that appear in this sketch include the unnamed teacher hostess (Vanessa Bayer) who opens up the dance announcements and the gym teacher Mr. A reminder that there is no such Halloween character by the name of “Crackula.” Two students have been expelled for fornicating inside a Mufasa costume
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This is not surprising, as it comes from the director of Surviving Christmas and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (and, to be fair, Sky High) and co-writers that span Date Night, Lost, and Shrek the Third

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